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Three People Have Started Following Yuu.


Kanda raised an eyebrow at the other, his actions were, strange, and making the swordsman wish he’d never even put forth an effort to approach the boy. God, he’s more confusing than Lavi and his obsessive booksmarts. He thought, sighing mentally. “Eddy?” he looked confused, that wasn’t any name he had heard before. “You’re obviously not from around here…. and what the hell is that idiotic contraption?”



Why now, s’ far from that! This is a state-of-the-art, well-endowed jet pack! I call it the: “Ed Pack!

(Leave it to Eddy to take all of Double D’s credit. The only idea the short kid thought of was the cotton candy; hunger called, after all. Even though the machine was destroyed, Eddy ignored that and attempted to pull some pieces together from its own pile of rubble.)

Just give it a few days, and… the thing fixes on its own, no problem!

(Upon holding up the bugle horn, another splotch of cotton candy arbitrarily shot out and went towards the older man’s attire.)

Ehehe, oops


“Easy on the name callin’, the guy’s my best friend.” Then again, what was between them was between them. Nat didn’t entirely want part in it— even if he picked sides.

“Kevin. Y’know, tall-ish, temperamental, fiery red hair and personality.” A hand gestured over his own teal locks to indicate a scalp of hair.

Yeah, I know em’!

(He surprisingly responded with indifference. Eddy wouldn’t deny his trite rivalry with Kevin which was basically one-sided. Though ever since the incident with him, the boy decided to put all that bickering in the past.)

Geez, I ain’t too surprised, I tell ya. Me and Shovelchin go waaaaay back. But hey, the guy was just asking to get scammed!

He’s got a whole garage full of jawbreakers!

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y-a-n-d-e-r-e-d-a-i-s-u-k-i started following Ed

(Strolling down the sidewalk, in a place he wasn’t too familiar, Eddy let out a gaping yawn as his eyes lazily looked for someone or something. He hated getting lost in the most wildest predicaments, but hopefully everything would be calm this time around. At the corner of his eye, though, the boy immediately took note of some hair, that belonging to a redhead, perhaps?)


(That was his initial response, until Eddy finally got a good look and was more than relieved.)


Oh, not Kanker…

Hearing his voice, caused the girl to look up from her notepad. At first she didn't see anyone; untill she looked down noticing the boy staring at her. "Uh..I don't think so. Unless your sleep walking in the middle of the day. But yes i'm new around this neighborhood, i moved in here a few weeks ago. Just got finished unpacking. You must be one of the neighbors who live around here." She replied noticing the tired look in his eyes.

Yep, that’s right!


Me, and a few others. Don’t ask why ya don’t see many people around here…

…it has something to do with aliens.

(He snickered and casually shoved his hands into his pockets. Eddy then wandered his eyes towards the notepad this new girl was holding.)

A Picasso, I see?

((Okay I know I RP a pony blog but I also do human.. So yeah here goes)) Dave: The young man looked around at this strange world. He had never been here before and it looked so strange and new. His hair was purple and he wore a simple vest and shirt, blue jeans and brown sneakers. He looked around curiously and said to no one in particular "Where am I?"

That’s an easy one: little town, probably not marked on the map, a bit old, rugged… but we all like to call it Peach Creek!

(Eddy bombastically answered the supposed rhetorical question, appearing from out of a bush. He was apparently looking for spare quarters.)

What brings you here?

The girl instantly froze and stiffened up. She spoke calmly without turning, a Scottish accent revealing itself. "Yeah, I guess you could say that." Without another word, she continued on, he would follow if he trully wished to speak with her.

Hey, hey! Where’s the fire? Can’t just go running off if you’re just a “fresh hatchling”, as they say!

(Eddy casually walked over and grinned.)

Name’s Eddy!

tf2-chef started following Ed

(There was nothing better than getting lost in what seemed like a secluded base in the middle of nowhere. The smell of gunpowder and smoke was eminent, a rarity for the boy considering the quiet place he’s hailed from. Before he could get himself anymore disorientated by this place, Eddy eventually spotted an older looking woman at the corner of his eye.)

Hey, uh… you the one in charge of this joint?

Sorta stumbled here by accident and…

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Eddy (they didn’t have an option for three strands of hair :T)


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